Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Lover

It has been an unexplainable, all-consuming, untamed, all-or-nothing, love-hate affair.

I knew from the very first instant. He swept me off my feet, suddenly, instantly, completely. Without so much as a cloud of warning, he stormed into my life, seduced me and made me his in a way I can never belong to anyone else.

He is relentless, my lover. He will never let go. He disappears, sometimes for long enough to lure me into thinking that maybe this time it will be for good. My soul longs for him, like a wild river for the sea, but maybe this time I will break free of his intoxicating grip, at last.

As a hurricane wind, he swoops back to claim his place in the very core of my heart, which he then leaves behind in pieces. I feel his grip again, tightening around my being while I let him in with painful, sweet surrender... I close my eyes, part my lips and once again, I am his. With every fiber of my being, with everything I am. He leads me into ecstasy. We become one.

And then the pain again. As in an addiction, I am ever recovering from this intoxication, ever succumbing anew... He can be the gentlest, most attentive lover and awaken every part of me to something I never knew before. Knowing every nuance of my body and soul, playing me like the most exquisite instrument, he can make me feel happiness so intense that it hurts. Then leaves me open, like a wound, naked and torn...

When he is gone, I look for him behind flat faces, hoping he will apprear as out of a cruel joke, console me like a child, hold me into his arms, steal my breath again and give me the bliss I have become to know so well... When he finally comes back to me, I forgive. As I always will.

A perpetual story of love and passion. I envy those who haven't known it. And I pity them.

My lover has had many faces, many voices, many embraces...

And one name.

El Tango.