Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tango-licious Dresses

Bluebee is having a 60% off sale and there are quite a few tango-licious dresses. Have fun shopping ladies!

Foley Tube Dress with Tail Back

Karanina Polka Dot Convertible Dress Red

Dina Bar-El Roushed Dress Forest

Foley Sandra's Tube Dress Jade

D & G Rouched Red Dress

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Love and Tango

Malena's last post "What is love?" got me thinking.

I was in love... it had ended several months ago. It'd been difficult to adjust to the way things were before I fell in love. To have had it and then to wake up without it made my world a little colder. I tried to pick up other hobbies like Pole Dancing. It was definitely a good distraction from the pain I felt inside. I was sore for several days after each class. In some ways it was comforting to feel the pain and feel it dissipate with each passing day. Perhaps I needed the reminder that this pain inside will also eventually lessen with time.

More than I like to admit but I did dance less when I was in love. Words of my maestro ring loud in my head, "Most women dance, then they stop when they find boyfriends... then they come back when the relationship ends." I disgreed at the time... I guess it's because I was so in love with tango that I couldn't see life without it... boyfriend or not. If I had met someone with jealousy issues, I'd probably end it because it would conflict with my tango life.

I hadn't wanted to dance since the Miami Tango Festival. I was disgusted with what I had witnessed there. Quite a few tangueros were standing around like flies hovering around a piece of fruit. Poor Malena had trouble fending them off. Even a famous well respected older teacher, whose name I will not mention, had acted inappropriately. I believe he had a few too many to drink and took the opportunity to "accidentally" fondle her during their dance. Not to mention our mysterious stranger who masked as a "friendly fellow tango dancer" had an agenda up his sleeve. I guess it is human nature, men will always be men. It just upsets me that some of these men use their skills and tango status to prey on unsuspecting women. This left a bad taste in my mouth and I wanted to be far far away from the tango after that milonga.

It's been three months and today is the first day I decided to dance again. So I made an appointment with my maestro. I'm sure he will ask me where I've been and why I haven't been dancing. Perhaps it's this love-hate relationship with tango that keeps me going back. Not long after I had abandoned it, it was calling out to me. I miss and long for that high again. The feeling of being completely lost in the music... that sustained loving hug/embrace with a total stranger... and the ultimate ever changing roller-coaster ride, it just never gets old. Perhpas maestro was right... maybe love and tango is more closely linked then I'd realized. Perhaps all single tangueros and tangueras secretly long to find love on the dance floor. Even when they go home alone... there's still the promise of love in that 3 minute embrace. Is it possible that we sometimes feel more security with our dance partners than we do with our partners in real life?