Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Interview with Daniela Pucci

I found this interview very inspirational.

Performance at Chicago Tango Week 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tango Fab or Tan-ghetto Fab

Our Sitemeter indicates there's been a lot of people searching for "tango dresses" online. So I figured I'd google it today to see what I would find. The first three websites that popped up were Edressme.com, Tangoleva.com and Ekclothing.com. Aha! Just as I thought... the usual suspects; halter spandex with asymmetrical hems, frilly wedding cake tier numbers and, let's not forget the infamous, "when animals attack" shreds. What makes one think of metallics, gold lam├ęs and sequins when designing "tango" dresses for the masses? I mean... sure, we usually spot one or two tan-ghetto fab victim(s) at milongas. Is there really such a big market for these looks because it seems that's all I am able to find? What's a modern tanguera to do? I mean come on ladies! I know you want to look the part but unless your dance skills scream louder than your dress, I would think twice about sporting it. Leave the sequins to the pros! Yes, even the pros occasionally fall victim to tan-ghetto fab. I've seen one tanguera repeatedly perform in the same ill-fitting corset. It really boggles my mind... isn't one wardrobe malfunction enough??? The whole corset twisted in mid-performance and she literally had to finish the dance with one hand covering her left boob. Que pasa chica?

This topic has been covered by many of our beloved blogueras. My all time favorite is La Planchadora. Who can forget those outrageously funny tango-dresses posts? It's really unfortunate for us she's not blogging much these days.

I figured I would post a few today in honor of her. Enjoy!

All this tango couture love can be yours for the small price of $950 (Sorry ladies, the headband/strap piece is not included.) The model looks pissed.. can you blame her?

When animals attack your hair, too.

Hey, you know there's something not kosher, when they offer you a free mask to go with the dress.... or was it the other way around... free trash bag with purchase of Halloween mask?

I don't know about you but I sure wouldn't want anything dangling between my legs when I am dancing.

Well, this hot number speaks for itself but is that a loose thread or is it really her stocking? Why? WHY??